Take a Day or Nighttime Hike Through Cody

The days spent lodging near Yellowstone in Cody WY, will without a doubt be filled with adventure, sightseeing, and various attractions. However, when looking for things to do in Cody WY, a hike or two is a must in East Yellowstone. Be sure to plan extra time for each journey so that you are able to explore interesting rock formations, gorgeous plants, and wildlife along the way! We have hand selected a perfect morning and nighttime hike located within minutes of The Cody Hotel.

Cedar Mountain/Spirit Mountain

Grab your pup and head to dog-friendly Cedar Mountain, also known as Spirit Mountain, for a refreshing morning hike. Cedar Mountain has been marked as one of the best possible quick trail workouts during your stay in Cody WY. Wake up, stretch your legs, and start this short yet steep hike from the bottom of Cedar Mountain to get the most out of your hike. You may want to set aside extra time to explore some of the side trails; however, a straight walk up the road is the best way to get to the summit quickly for gorgeous aerial views of Cody WY. Along the way, you’ll notice large boulders planted throughout the wide dirt path, fellow dog walkers, and a beautiful sunrise overlooking Cody. Cedar Mountain is a great way to get out during the morning hours while lodging near Yellowstone.

Heart Mountain

After spending the day exploring East Yellowstone attractions, keep the momentum going with a nighttime venture through Heart Mountain. You’ll want to start in the early evening to examine the different species of plant life along the way. Don’t be surprised if you get startled by a western meadowlark, Wyoming's state bird, flying out of the sagebrush! Heart Mountain is home to rare plants, loads of wildflowers in spring, and is a vital habitat for birds and other animals. The view of the stars from the top of the summit is unparalleled to any other. Be sure to pack a flashlight to make your trek back down Heart Mountain a breeze. This trail has a lot of sun exposure that can make your walk uncomfortable during the day time, which is why it’s best for a nighttime hike! This experience will be on your list of things to do in Cody WY.

Don’t forget to bring your bear spray! As grizzlies and black bears have been spotted on Heart Mountain!

Luxurious Lodging near Yellowstone

Check a daytime and nighttime hike off your list of things to do in Cody WY with either of these amazing ventures! Take a peek at our Deluxe King Room at The Cody Hotel, where you’ll have balcony access to step outside and breathe in that fresh East Yellowstone air. To reserve a room at The Cody Hotel, call 1-307-587-5915. The Cody Hote is located within an hour of the Yellowstone National Park’s East Entrance!