Spend the day at a Museum in Cody Wyoming

As the weather may take a turn at a moments notice, it's always good to have an itinerary for a rainy day adventure while staying at The Cody Hotel. Spending time in Yellowstone you'll be able to see the town's history just by walking around; however, when you're looking to expand your knowledge even further set aside time at a local museum in Cody Wyoming. So without further ado, here are a couple of local spots to check out while in East Yellowstone! Cody Dug Up Gun Museum

Head to the Dug Up Gun Museum to soak up the rich history of the now vintage weapons that were used in earlier times such as the Civil War, The Old West & Indian Wars, World War I and II, among many others. You'll find a vast collection of rare guns that were used in action and are from all over the world at the local museum in Cody Wyoming! Many of the antique weapons in this local exhibit come from Europe, Mexico, Canada, and all over the US. Buffalo Bill Center of the West

There's so much to see at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West from sculptures of animals that reside in Yellowstone to a statue of Buffalo Bill and his horse! There are different galleries to venture through as well as temporary exhibits that change each year. Along with galleries, there are five various museums to roam through while you're there. The on-site museums include the Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms, Draper Natural History, Plains Indian, and the Whitney Western Art Museum. Bring the kids along as you learn about the history of Cody Wyoming while your kids play with the interactive exhibits. The tickets cover two consecutive days, which will give you the option to view the different museums in segments since you may have many things to do in Yellowstone during your stay.

Luxury Yellowstone Lodging

At The Cody Hotel, we provide a free shuttle service for our guest that runs daily at various times on a first-come, first-serve basis. You'll be able to hop on our convenient shuttle that runs to the downtown area and head over to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Whether you're taking a break from the sun or making a plan for a rainy day, you'll have access to our heated indoor pool and hot tub during your stay. Check out the local a local museum in Cody Wyoming to gain further insight into the history of the beautiful west! There's no need to wait to plan your vacations, give our friendly staff a call, and we'll answer any questions you have before your stay - 1-307-587-5915