Seasonal closures in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park has seasonal road closures and openings so be sure you're up to date on the road status before you book your trip. 

Yellowstone National Park Entrance Access

Throughout the winter, four out of five of the Yellowstone National Park entrances are closed to vehicles; however, they are open to snow travel (snowmobiling and snowcoach tours). The North Yellowstone entrance is the only location that is open year-round for vehicle travel. The only months where you can enjoy all of the Yellowstone adventures as well as having access to the public facilities and services, are between July and August.

Depending on the weather and road maintenance, a few areas open in April, with a large amount opening up to the public in May or June. October and September are generally the fall months where roads, facilities and services begin to close for the winter season.

Where to Find Up to Date Information
As you’re planning your Yellowstone National Park vacation, we suggest taking a look at the operating hours Yellowstone National Park service’s website. That way, you can plan and book your stay accordingly depending on the Yellowstone adventures you seek. The services website will also be an aid for booking tours and keeping track of the road status of each season.

Winter Escapes to Yellowstone
Don’t rule out a winter Yellowstone National Park vacation just yet, as you’ll come to find that the area is less congested and features beautiful snow-covered landscapes, which means it’s easier to spot wildlife. No matter which season you choose to visit, the Yellowstone adventures will be sure to provide an active day for you and your family. The Cody Hotel features a hot tub, fireplace, complimentary hot breakfast, and nightly refreshments to keep you relaxed and revitalized during your winter Yellowstone National Park vacations. Learn more on our website, or please give us a call at 1-307-587-5915.